Bullying Prevention

Therapy for Bullying related issues

James works with children age 10 and up who bully and have been bullied. In this process, he will 1) teach strategies on dealing with bullying 2) work on social skills 3) and assist the parents in working with their child at home. With your approval, he will also assess how your child's school is currently handling the situation and make recommendations to reduce the chance of bullying in the future.

Olweus Bullying Prevention Program Trainer

Training and consultation services include

  • A 2-day training offered to train a school’s Bullying Prevention Committee (who trains the staff)
  • Ongoing telephone consultation for a full school year (at least 10 months
Training Objectives

  • Increase participants knowledge about the nature and prevalence of bullying through interactive learning, and familiarize participants with all core elements of the Olweus Bullying Prevention Program
  • Develop a plan (including a timeline) to implement the Olweus Bullying Prevention Program

For more information on the Olweus Program, visit www.olweus.org .

Bullying Prevention Presentations

  • Bullying 101 – This program covers the basics of bullying prevention and can be modified for students (elementary and secondary), staff and parents (1 hour)
  • The Foundation of Effective Bullying Prevention Programs – In this presentation, based on the work of Dan Olweus and Stan Davis, we focus on the common tenets of effective bullying prevention programs (2-3 hour Development)
  • Strategies and Challenges in Implementing a Bullying Prevention Program – No matter what Bullying Prevention Program you choose to implement, change is often met with resistance. This presentation will assist you in dealing with this resistance and give you strategies in “changing the culture” of your campus (2-3 hour Staff Development)